The end is nigh…ish

If you’ve ever spent some time London, you’ll know that it can rain a bit here.

But it’s a curiously English type of rain. Rain that not so much falls as drifts. You don’t feel it, you get a sense of it. Granted, you can get a sense of it for days on end, but you will very rarely get a proper dousing. There’ll be no satisfying rainstorm where it chucks it down, you will never actually see indivual raindrops.

It’s within this context that we have just been sent an ominous company-wide warning headlined “Severe Weather Warning”

Now I’m trying to ignore the fact that outside the flags are hanging limply off Tower Bridge, and that there are as yet no little old ladies being swept into the Thames by the force of the weather. So I open the mail:

A “Severe Weather Warning” has been issued by the Met Office.

A period of heavy rain coupled with strong and gusty winds this afternoon and at first this evening will give rainfall totals of 15 to 25mm.

The public are advised to take extra care and refer to the latest Environment Agency, Floodline, and Flood Warnings in force, and to refer to the Highways Agency for further advice on traffic disruption on motorways and trunk roads.

Cripes! Man the lifeboats!

That’s right, Gusty winds! Oh good Lord preserve us from the apocalyptic lashing of 15mm of rain. We’re doomed, we’re doomed!

Or not. Oh well. At least we can talk about the weather some more.


One Response to “The end is nigh…ish”

  1. Deems Says:

    The people at the Met offices have never been to Cape Town when the good old Doctor blows, have they? :)

    Reminds me of the time we touched down at Heathrow and the pilot says: “It’s a scorcher in London today with a high of 24!”.

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